Zachary Freitas is an actor & a singer/song writer whom was born in Hollister, CA June 5th 1992. He is the voice actor to Sabre in the Dinosaur Planet series.

Early Years Edit

As a young child, Zack was always very outgoing with his friends and family. His Aunt and Godmother, Amy, has been one of his biggest fans since the date of his birth.

At the age of 13 he received a bass guitar and played with several bands in high school, from R&B, Alternative Rock, to a Doo-Wop band. In high school Zack became involved with the theater.

At age 18, Zack started learning acoustic guitar and writing his own songs.

His close friend and ex-band mate Kelvin Shamy encouraged Zack to sing, so Zack came out of his shell and put himself out for people to hear. So after a few broken bands, and two previous releases of material, Zack realized that with the help of his friends and family he could do anything.

Trivia Edit

  • Zack believes in Aliens
  • He was actually voted “Most Funny” by his peers
  • Growing up he used to want to be a Director
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