This page compiles all websites and pages made that are centered around Dinosaur Planet. This includes blogs, personal websites and more. most of these websites attempt to raise awareness of Dinosaur Planet, hoping for it to be released as a ROM to download or be remade by Rare, which requires Nintendo to transfer copyright for Starfox Adventures.

If you want your own, or another, website to be listed here when it isnt, please contact me and I'll see what I can do for you.

Fanmade WebsitesEdit

Dinosaur Planet 64 on WebsEdit

Dinosaur Planet is an active website created with the free website generator "webs", using a nomal account (not premium) by DeviantART-Account on DeviantART who also created this wiki under the name of KrazyKacophony

Link: Dinosaur Planet 64

'The first ever inofficial' Dinosaur Planet fansite on AngelfireEdit

The first ever unofficial Dinosaur Planet fansite is an inactive website dedicated to the information that was avalible of the game a few years ago, so it is out of date, but still neat to look at.

Link: The first ever inofficial Dinosaur Planet fansite

Fanmade WebpagesEdit

Heck Yeah, Dinosaur Planet on TumblrEdit

Heck Yeah, Dinosaur Planet is a semi-active Tumblr shrine blog run by Gensou Ichida (kokorogensou on Tumblr and DeviantArt). Heck Yeah, Dinosaur Planet compiles as much Dinosaur Planet media and information for interested people as much as possible. Most of the information is still rare, so this is your number 1 spot for top notch information.

Link: Heck Yeah, Dinosaur Planet!

Unseen 64 - Article for Dinosaur PlanetEdit

Unseen 64 is a website that specifies in videogames that were cancelled or the beta/alpha versions of the game itself, even if it was released and it's backstory. So Dinosaur Planet was bound to appear. There isn't as much Information on this website as it is on websites like Heck Yeah, Dinosaur Planet!, but still enough to overlook what the game was meant to be.

Link: [64 - Dinosaur Planet]

Dinosaur-Planet-Fans on DeviantARTEdit

Dinosaur-Planet-Fans is a group on the artwork themed website DeviantART. There is not much information to see, but it compiles fanart that the users that have joined the group have drawn based on Dinosaur Planet.

Link: Dinosaur-Planet-Fans

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