Princess Kyte
Nicknames/Aliases Unknown
Gender Female
Species Cloudrunner
Age 11
Height/Weight Approx. 2ft
Interests Golden Plains thermals and fireflies
Home Cloudrunner Fortress
Family Queen Cloudrunner (deceased)

•Unnamed Father (deceased) •Unnamed Siblings

Friends/Allies Krystal
Enemies/Rivals General Scales
Appearances Dinosaur Planet (game)
Voiced By Unknown VA

Kyte is a a main character in the Dinosaur Planet game and series. She is the princess of the CloudRunner Tribe, and accompanies Krystal through much of the story.

Bio[edit | edit source]

While flying over to a rock ledge to catch some fireflies one day after a fierce storm, Kyte was captured by General Scales and his Sharpclaw henchmen. She was then put into a cage on Scales's galleon, until Krystal came to rescue her. When the galleon docked on Warlock Mountain, Krystal was unable to open the cage, and as she left to find Randorn, Scales reappeared and took off with Kyte still trapped. Kyte was then placed in a cell within Cape Claw, and was able to get freed by Krystal.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Because she never spent much time with her mother, Kyte's isolation has caused her to be resilient and independent, though she later looks up to Krystal. Kyte develops a mature outlook on life and will not rush headlong into rash decisions and acts.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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