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Nicknames/Aliases Unknown
Gender Female
Species Vixon
Age 16
Height/Weight 5' 8"/?
Interests Learning new skills, Randorn's berry pie
Home Animus
Family Biological Parents (deceased)
Randorn (adoptive father)
Sabre (half brother)
Friends/Allies Princess Kyte
Enemies/Rivals General Scales
Appearances Dinosaur Planet (Game)
Star Fox Adventures
Voiced By • Eveline Novakovic (DP)

• Estelle Ellis (SFA)

Krystal is one of the main protagonists in Dinosaur Planet.


On a dark night, deep in the Northwood Forest of Animus, Krystal's tribe made camp in a small clearing. As the glowing embers of the campfire died away, leaving only the cold moonlight to cast light over the clearing, Krystal's sleep was disturbed by movement in the bushes. Before she could reach her father in an attempt to wake him, the silhouette of what looked like a Wolven warrior entered the area.

The warrior began to attack them. Krystal was so scared and it was so dark, she couldn't see his face. Her father, bravely fighting back against the intruder, shouted for his daughter to run. She did not need telling twice. Fueled by fear, she kept running until she collapsed in a heap, cradled by the roots of a giant tree. As soon as day broke, she took the opportunity to retrace her steps and find her parents.

As she moved through the gap in the undergrowth, Krystal saw something that made her freeze with fear. Crouched on the path in front of her was a Wolven male checking her tracks. As she slowly moved back into the bushes, a twig snapped under her foot. This alerted the Wolven, who turned to face her. When she tried to run, she tripped over a branch, allowing him to come closer and kneel beside her.

He explained that he found her family a few miles from where they were, but someone had killed them all. She was devastated by this, but the stranger, who acted and sounded much like her own father, promised to look after her.


Her turbulent upbringing has given her a cool and mature head for her age, which has often proved invaluable in some difficult situations.

A skilled fighter, Krystal uses her staff as her main form of attack and defense. Her years spent growing up with Randorn have allowed her to hone her combat techniques to a level that is just right for bashing Sharpclaw.

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