Krystal accidently woke up the SharpClaw guard when attempting to retrieve her staff.

CloudRunner Fortress is a region of Dinosaur Planet that is ruled by the CloudRunner tribe and the home of Princess Kyte. It was one of four regions of Dinosaur Planet to begin to separate from the planet after the removal of the Spellstones and was also the location of one of the Spellstones that had to be taken to the Ocean Force Point Temple. The Fortress itself is situated in high ground and cannot be accessed by those without the ability to fly, such as the rival tribe the Earth Walkers. General Scales hoped to use the fortress as a base to rule over the planet. This is partly because the fortress was sitting on rich deposits of gold and jewels.

General Scales had conquered the Fortress and imprisoned the Queen CloudRunner, who his SharpClaw henchmen have killed. It was here that Scales had even managed to temporarily imprison Krystal during her quest to save Dinosaur Planet. Krystal escaped and persued the general though the fortress. She located Scales in the mine and attempted to attack, but Scales teleported away using an unknown decide and left the SharpClaw to attempt to escape with the Spellstone, but Krystal managed to retrieve it. Kyte was grief-stricken by the death of her mother, but Krystal ensured her that she would make a great queen and that her mother would be very proud of her.

The fortress itself has many wind tunnels that are like elevators of the fortress. It has a complete prison and a generator room. On the upper most part is kind of like a dock area for airships.


The Power Generator Room.

The way to get Krystal's staff back is not indicated clearly in the game. One of the trapped dinosaurs says "Get your staff, but don't wake the SharpClaw". This would mislead the player into thinking that Krystal has to sneak over to her staff. The puddles would also indicate this, as they would normally act as a way to wake the sleeping SharpClaw. In fact, getting within a couple feet of the staff will wake up the SharpClaw, regardless of what else is done. The real way to retrieve the staff is to use the SharpClaw disguise, which is not clearly indicated.

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