Dinosaur Planet Wiki
Nicknames/Aliases Unknown
Gender Male
Species Wolven
Age Unknown
Height/Weight Unknown
Interests Unknown
Home Animus
Family Randorn (father)

Sabre (younger brother) Krystal (younger half-sister)

Friends/Allies Unknown
Enemies/Rivals Unknown
Appearances Dinosaur Planet (Series)
Voiced By Preston Michael Simpson

Blade Wolferos is the eldest son of Randorn, and the older brother of Sabre. He was killed by the Vixon tribe during a war on Animus.




Sabre: Sabre and Blade were close, having taught Sabre how to fight when he was young. Sabre was truly affected by his death, and Blade's teachings continued to impact his fighting later in life.

Randorn: Randorn was Blade's father, and loved him dearly. His death brought about a radical change in Randorn.

Krystal: Blade's death led to Randorn adopting Krystal. It can be assumed, however, that Blade would have been just as caring to and protective of her as he was to Sabre.


  • Because the character was never given an official name by the team at Rareware, he was given the name Blade by the fanseries team, as a counter to Sabre's name.